Monday, August 20, 2012

Life Update!

Hello all! So, a lot of things have happened since I last blogged. This has been one of the best summers of my life! But, wow, time sure does fly when you're having fun! So here's what I've been up to!

Well, you all know that I was selected to play for Team USA at the Pan Am Cup this year in Mexico. And I'm sure you know that we won! Woo! We were down 0-2 against Brazil in the finals and came back and won! This is one of the greatest matches I've ever played in. It's even up there with the Washington and Penn State matches my sophomore year. Yeah, it was pretty spectacular!
Match Point!

After Juarez, things started to get pretty hectic for me. We left Mexico on Saturday morning and flew back to California. Then I turned right around the next morning and flew to Lincoln because I was still committed to working Nebraska Team Camps. So, I landed in Lincoln around 4:30 and headed straight to the Coliseum in order to be there for the night session. Needless to say I was completely exhausted and delirious. And so were some of my fellow camp coaches...
This is where you'll find the camp coaches in between most sessions...passed out in the Coliseum!
Camp coaches pulling their hair out!

After about a week of camp, I had a few days to relax. On July 30th, I flew back out to Cali because a group of my girlfriends and I got a team together and signed up to play in the Manhattan Beach 6-Man tournament. Now if you haven't ever heard of this tournament, it's basically a giant party! Every team picks a theme and they dress up in costumes to play. It's just a lot of fun! Our team chose to be cops and called ourselves "The Joint". Kinda cheesy I know but whatever. We didn't place. In fact I don't know how we ended up finishing, but that's okay. Our main goal this tournament was to let loose and have some fun, and we definitely had a blast! 

I flew back to Lincoln after that tournament on August 2nd, and then had to turn around the next day again and drive home to Dubuque! I was invited to a wedding in town and decided to make the trip home for it and attend. I even brought home a date for the wedding (you'll be hearing more about him soon I promise).
Well we went to eat at Kalmes with my best friend, Alicia Sieverding, and her family. After that, we went for drinks at her uncle's bar "The Bronco" in downtown Bellevue. Well, we ended up drinking a little more than we planned on. And the next day, the hangover trumped any plans we had of going to a wedding. I know, I'm a horrible person. So what was supposed to be kind of a crazy fun weekend, turn into a nice relaxing weekend at home (which I'm not upset about at all). 

The very next weekend was another big weekend for me: the University of Nebraska August 2012 Commencement ceremony! Finally, I'm officially receiving my degree! Mom, Dad, and Eric all made the trip down to Lincoln to celebrate with me! I'm glad I decided to walk in the ceremony because it turned out to be a pretty cool day for me! 
I'm the front row on the far left! (Of course we lined up in alphabetical order...and I had to go first) 
Woo! I did it! 

Now since I, unfortunately, have not yet been able to find a contract to go play overseas this season, I'm living in Lincoln, training with the Huskers. For some extra cash, I'm reffing league vb games at a local sports bar and club called "Spike's". I "work" weeknights Monday thru Thursday. So, I go straight from the Huskers training session to this sports bar and it makes for some long nights. But, I can't complain because it pays well and it's the easiest money I've ever made. Hopefully a good contract comes up soon so I can head to Europe and play (keep your fingers crossed for me). But, I do enjoy being in Lincoln! It has definitely become my home over the past four years and I love it here. Plus, because I was in town, Coach Cook invited me to play in the Huskers annual Red/White scrimmage. I was so happy he asked because getting the opportunity to play in the Coliseum again is a dream come true for me! I got to play with my friends in front of a near sold out crowd in the greatest volleyball venue in the country! Needless to say, I felt very blessed to have that opportunity. I had an absolute blast!

And that brings us to today. The Huskers aren't practicing today, so after a quick run this morning, I don't have anything else to do the rest of the day. But, I'll be reffing away at Spike's tonight! Also, I'll be back in Dubuque this weekend for my cousin's wedding (which I'm super excited for) so if you want to get together give me a call!


P.S. My "date" and I watched the movie "Up!" last night and I was reminded why it is one of my favorite movies! So here's a little clip that I just love! Hope you do too!